Waking up for work and staring blankly in front of the dressing table, struggling what to put together for work. Sound familiar? Every single morning same old story, same old pearl studs and an old expensive bracelet. If not that then trying hard to make it work with some chunky jewellery that was gifted by your mum last year whispering to yourself ‘be brave you can do this!’ (yikes, don’t think I can pull that off again!). Going out on weekends was another day spent fussing over the best outfit with the perfect jewellery.

Fashion jewellery available in various high street shops don’t make you stand out coz everyone is buying the stuff you are buying. You are sometimes paying more than you think is appropriate for imitation jewellery. No matter what price you pay good quality stuff is always expensive to invest into.

So we bring to you a collection of hand picked jewellery, individually inspected for quality at reasonable prices. Our collection aims to offer a uniqueness beyond what you’ll find on the high street at very competitive prices.

Have a look at the store and surely you will find something you like. However, if you feel there is something you are looking for but can’t find you can get in touch with us at info@itrendy.co.uk to let us know how our collection can be improved.